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6th and Jump

Oct 30, 2020

This is the last recording of Ari before the chaos last week at Legion of Skanks. Make sure you savor every moment and hold your loved ones close.
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Oct 23, 2020

The Chapel crew stayed up late in the studio to make this AIDS riddled episode. Everyone is full of pizza and junk food and happiness from being together. We also had a good time with the gay jokes.

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Oct 16, 2020

Rejoice! The Chapel gods have blessed you with a studio episode. Enjoy the trading card puzzle, feats of strength, and the joy between friends hate watching TV together. 
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Oct 9, 2020

Good morning Jumpers! Get ready for some more Ioke with Christmas in Saigon. Video version of this podcast now available on
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Oct 2, 2020

Get pumped for this episode because it's all about jocks. The boys brought in their producer and former gymnast B. Rod to answer for all of the shows plot devices.

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