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6th and Jump

Nov 23, 2020

Happy Monday Jumpers,
Let's start the week off right with a brand new episode. Thanks for your patience as we record around everyone's holiday schedule.
The video version of this podcast has moved to:
In case you missed last week's Discord watch along with Ari, I got...

Nov 16, 2020

The gang got together in between comedy sets and jungle adventures to bring you a much needed escape. Hope this starts your week off right.
Editing Patrick Holbert...

Nov 13, 2020

Hi Jumpers, happy Friday! Enjoy your fresh dose.
Ari's still settling into his non-extradition country so there were a couple of video lags. I kept them in because Jay and Dan made them funny. We decided to wait till today to record your second episode so that Ari could get a router to plug in to. It will be out...